Many Thanks To Go Around

MEECA Begins Third Year

As we enter this Holiday Season, all of us at MEECA should be very thankful for the results we are seeing from the efforts of our leadership and members at getting Michigan's legislators to acknowledge what we've known all along...strong energy efficiency policies are good for Michigan!  Read below to get an insiders view of the deal that got a 25 - 0 vote in the House Energy Policy Committee on MEECA's two-tiered incentive model expanding Michigan's energy waste reduction programs.  

We also would like to express our deep gratitude for the men and women that have served this association since it's beginning in 2013 as our original board of directors.  Read more about them in the 2nd Annual Banquet Afterglow below paying special acknowledgement to our founding and out-going president Brad Bartholomew.

The association is growing not only with new members, but also new staff.  Katie Graham has been retained as our Membership Communication Coordinator.  Please make sure to welcome her to the association as she works part-time for us while completing her advertising degree at Michigan State University. Please forward any communication ideas to her at katie@meeca.info.

Now entering our third year, MEECA has proven to be the voice of Michigan's energy efficiency industry and looks forward to continued success in 2016 leveraging our most important resource -- our members.  

During this Thanksgiving be sure to take an extra moment and give thanks for this industry that has provide us so much this year.  

I for one will be taking more than one extra moment... 


Brindley Byrd

Executive Director
(517) 203-9810 

MEECA’s 2nd Annual Banquet Afterglow

Recognizing Our Original Leaders

What a terrific crowd of more than 65 people attend our 2nd Annual Banquet on November 4th, 2015. MEECA held the association’s 2nd Annual Banquet at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing, MI. This event highlighted MEECA’s appreciation for the dedication of our original leaders and their commitment to getting MEECA off of the ground. These leaders have had a significant impact on Michigan’s energy efficiency industry.
MEECA is extremely thankful to have such influential leaders for the past two years and thank them for all they have done to get MEECA up and running.  Our original leaders are as follows:
  • Brad Bartholomew, Energy Saving Services
  • Amanda Godward, Ecotelligent Homes
  • Todd O’Grady, Michigan Saves
  • Shelley Sullivan, Energy Sciences
  • Ryan Oswald, Pure Eco Environmental Services
  • Alex Van Rijn, Building Performance Solutions
MEECA most especially wants to thank Brad Bartholomew for everything he has done as President of the association for the past two years. MEECA appreciates his leadership and commitment to his business, MEECA and to Michigan's energy efficiency industry.
Read more about the event here…

Brad Bartholomew (center) receiving the 2015 Governors' Energy Excellence Award Contractor of the Year.
Flanked by Mary Templeton (Michigan Saves) and Dennis Muchmore (Governor Snyder's cheif of Staff)

Deal In the House Energy Policy Committee

MEECA's Proposal Breaks Log Jamb

For over a year, MEECA has been advocating to expand Michigan's energy efficiency industry by further leveraging our state's utility-based Energy Optimization programs. Back in June of 2014, MEECA made recommendations to the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Workgroup, which included a suggested two-tiered, non-mandate incentive mechanism to encourage utilities to increase their deployment of energy waste reduction.  See those recommendations submitted in June 2014 here

Our idea was to keep the existing incentive paid to utilities at the current levels stated in PA 295 and protect the infrastructure that has reliably delivered energy savings for over five-years.  We suggested to increase the incentives should utilities achieve higher levels of energy savings -- greater than 1.5% for electric and 1% for gas.    

MEECA made this recommendation as we saw the debate getting unnecessarily bogged down by legislators having too tight of a grip on the notion that mandates are a new third rail of utility regulation.  Those advocating for a mandate only option where getting rebuffed in the debate.  

With the clock running out on getting something moving this calendar year, leaders in the House Energy Policy Committee started negotiating in earnest.  

When MEECA's two-tiered incentive amendment was offered as a compromise, it received a 25 - 0 vote in the committee which then lead to both HB4298 and HB4297 
being voted out of committee with ample bi-partisan support.

ACEEE Score Card

Michigan Drops Two Positions From Last Year

Michigan has dropped a disappointing two positions from its past 2014 ranking. Michigan tied with Maine for an upsetting 14th place in the 2015 report. Although the state’s utilities provide a strong assortment of energy efficiency programs, Michigan still scored 2.5 points less than it earned last year.  Although Michigan is 14th in the nation, our state is greatly outshining its neighbors in the Midwest.   

Read more about Michigan’s ACEEE score…

2015 MPSC Report on EO Programs

Michigan Overachieves Minimum Savings Goals  

For 2014, Michigan utility providers successfully complied with the energy savings targets laid out in Public Act 295. PA 295 requires all natural gas and electric utility providers in the state to implement programs to reduce overall energy usage by specified targets (1.0% for electric and 0.75% for gas), in order to reduce the future cost of service to utility customers.
  • Michigan’s combined utility providers met a combined average of 141% of their electric savings targets.
  • 10 electric cooperatives met a combined average of 103% of their electric savings targets.
  • Statewide achieving an overall average of 144% of electric savings targets.
  • EO programs across Michigan accounted for electric savings totaling over 1.4 Million MWh (megawatt hours) for one year.
  • Actual electric savings for 2009 through 2014 were significantly greater than the original target.  4,698,669 and 6,135,587 MWh respectively.
Read more about the report and why utility incentives are important here… 

Comparing and Contrasting
Residential Green-Building Certifications

A Featured Article from the GreenHome Institute 

By Brett Little, GHI Executive Director

In residential construction—much more than in commercial construction—there are a surprising number of green building rating systems. These systems have different criteria to rate green buildings. This leaves homebuyers, builders, and the general market confused as to which rating system to use.

Before deciding which green-building rating system to choose, you should understand why these systems exist. More and more states and municipalities are adopting energy codes, and many of them are using the International Green Construction Code (IGCC), which covers more than energy efficiency and renewable energy. Builders and designers who commit to green or high performance building now are positioning themselves for the time when energy codes are updated in their area. 

 Read more about several various residential energy ratings and certification programs…

New Members Enhance MEECA's Power

Contractors and Organizations Boost Membership 

Welcome to soem of MEECA's newest members:

DTE Energy, an Energy Supplier member based in Detroit offering some of the state's most robust energy efficiency programs.  See their Residential Programs here and their Business Programs here
Duro-Last Roofing, Inc., a Manufacturing Member making membrane roofing products and supplies headquartered in Saginaw, MI.  

GreenHome Institute, an Affiliate Member organization based in Grand Rapids partnering with MEECA on building codes, building rating systems and general information sharing on high performance building. GHI is lead by Brett Little, their executive director. 

Green Building Services, pllc. based in Birmingham, MI and founded by Brian Halprin.  GBS is a full service green builder and a Small Contractor Member in MEECA.  
Should you know a company that could benefit from membership in MEECA, please direct them to our Online Membership Application or contact Brindley Byrd at (517) 203-9180 or brindley@meeca.info.

CLEAResult and MEECA Looking to Boost HES Assessors

FREE Training to Become an HES Assessor

Register for training in Dundee or Grand Rapids.

MEECA sees utilization of the Hom e Energy Score (HES) as the benchmark residential energy rating
tool for existing houses.  Through our participation in and observance of HES efforts across the country, HES is fast becoming the best tool to adequately, reliablity, accurately and affordably assess a homes' energy performance. 

MEECA strongly recommends our residential members send staff to this training!

Most recently we shared information coming from a white paper issued by the Better Buildings program showing current success and challenges in scaling the use of HES in the home performance industry.  

One of the understandable challenges contractors face to become a certified HES Assessor is the time to take the DOE training modules in preparation for the required HES Assessor exam.  

Here is where CLEAResult, through their Efficiency UNITED program has a solution! 

They are offering two (2) FREE HES Assessor prep training programs:


Monday, December 7

Country Inn and Suites 

665 Tecumseh, Dundee MI 48131

8:30 a.m. - 9 a.m.: Registration and continental breakfast

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Home Energy Score Assessor Training (lunch provided)


Tuesday, December 8 

Crossroads Conference Center 

6569 Clay Avenue Grand Rapids, MI 49548

8:30 a.m. - 9 a.m.: Registration and continental breakfast 

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.: Home Energy Score Assessor Training (lunch provided) 

Registration: Pre-registration is required, as space is limited. Please bring a laptop with wi-fi capability.

Attendees: Attendees who have a home assessment credential from an approved organization (Credentials) will be enrolled to complete the Qualified Assessor training. Attendees who have do not have an approved credential will be required to fulfill the prerequisite prior to continuing to complete the Qualified Assessor training.

Register for training in Dundee or Grand Rapids. 


For more information contact David Meeder at (517) 999-2373 or david.meeder@clearesult.com