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Thank you for participating in MEECA, Michigan's statewide voice for the energy efficiency industry! Please select the appropriate category below for your business or organization.



Small-scale Contractor Member
350.00 USD

Annual revenues less than $1 million

Medium-scale Contractor Member
500.00 USD

Annual revenues between $1 million and $5 million

Large-scale Contractor Member
1,000.00 USD

Annual revenues more than $5 million

Associate Member
1,250.00 USD

Example Firms: Suppliers, Distributors, Lender, Professional Services Providers, Training Providers, Certifying Organizations, Consultants (non-engineering).

Manufacturer Member
2,000.00 USD

Companies that manufacture energy efficiency products.

Implementation Contractor Member
2,000.00 USD

Firms that design and administer utility-based energy efficiency programs.

Institutional Affiliate
500.00 USD

Example Organizations: Associations, Environmental Groups, Nonprofits, Educational Institutions, Facility Owners, Property Managers, Leasing Agents.

Corporate Affiliate
1,500.00 USD

Businesses servicing the energy efficiency industry with no physical business location in the state of Michigan.

Energy Supply Affiliate
2,000.00 USD

Example Companies: IOU Utilities, Cooperative Utilities, Municipal Utilities.

Individual Affiliate
100.00 USD

An employee of a Voting or Non-Voting Member not listed as their company's Representative or faculty of a community college or university that is not a member.

Student Affiliate
25.00 USD

An individual currently enrolled in a community college or university program directly related to energy management, energy engineering or construction program.